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If a child or adolescent you know is struggling and has come to you for help, you can take steps to assist them achieving a healthy, happy outcome and lifestyle. Below are some important facts about LGBTQ Youth that can help you determine if they may need a higher level of help.

Parents: Responding To Your Child Coming Out To You
  • Remind them that you love them unconditionally
  • Listen and ask open-ended questions (including what their preferred pronouns are for their identity)
  • Take them seriously; don’t call it a “phase” or something they will outgrow
  • Try not to focus on the “why” or possible causes; research continues to show that LGBTQ individuals are born with these identifications, just as heterosexual and cisgender people are
  • Don’t shy away from asking about their safety; ask the important questions about suicidal thoughts or feelings
  • Remind them that they are not alone
  • Commit to finding resources and learning together, as a family
Families, Educators and Providers: Be An Ally
  • Make sure your environment is safe, welcoming and affirming 100% of the time
  • Educate yourself and find resources to keep in your school or work space
  • Make sure your language (even when joking) is respectful and inclusive
  • Watch movies or TV shows with LGBTQ characters on them and keep a dialogue going
  • Be there to answer questions, offer support, or give a shoulder to cry on when needed
  • Display pictures of LGBTQ role models in your classroom and office
  • Offer the youth hope whenever possible
  • Integrate LGBTQ historical figures in your curriculum
  • Don’t make assumptions (asking boys if they have a girlfriend or vice versa)
  • Commit to making your space free from bullying, hate speech, or discrimination
  • Offer to help get a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance or Gender Sexuality Alliance) started in your school
  • Donate to LGBTQ causes if you can, volunteer at your local homeless shelter or offer to take part in your community’s Pride celebration every June