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What You Can Do To Help

Not only is it important to know the warning signs of youth suicide, but you should also always be aware of the youth in your life. If you recognize some warning signs and your gut feeling is that the youth may be considering suicide, here’s what you can do to help:
  • Listen to the youth
  • Talk openly about suicide
  • Remain calm and proceed slowly
  • Be positive
  • Know your own limits
  • Clarify the permanence of death
  • Emphasize alternatives
  • Act quickly to help
  • Know your resources
While you want to help the youth through his or her time of need,  here are a few things experts recommend not doing when you feel a child or adolescent is considering suicide. Don’t:
  • Act shocked
  • Encourage guilt
  • Physically attempt to take a weapon away if the youth is in possession
  • Promise total confidentiality
  • Minimize the problem
  • Leave the youth alone
  • Give up hope
  • Panic
It's critical that you follow-up by finding professional help after managing the initial interaction with the youth.

If you are in Maine and are in a crisis now, please call the confidential statewide crisis hotline at 1-888-568-1112.
If you are outside the state of Maine, please call your local crisis response service or 911.
If you need help from Acadia Hospital, please call 973-6100 or 1-800-640-1211 and ask for the Access Center.