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1-800-640-1211 | 973-6100 | TTY: 973-6142
268 Stillwater Ave, PO Box 422, Bangor, ME 04402-0422

Ambulatory Services

The Psychopharmacology Service provides medication clinics for children and adults who need medication to treat mental illnesses or emotional and/or behavioral disorders. Most clients are referred from another service of Acadia Hospital or by a family doctor or therapist. Treatment entails thorough evaluation followed by careful monitoring and follow-up visits. The clinics are staffed with LCPC's, LCSW's, nurses, clinical nurse specialists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists who work collaboratively with the patients and their community providers to treat complex psychiatric disorders.

Our programs are easily accessible by calling Acadia hospital and asking for the access center at 973-6100 or 1-800-640-1211.