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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Pain Treatment Program

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Pain Treatment Program at Acadia Hospital is an 8-session program for adults who are suffering from chronic pain and are seeking help from some of the terrible side-effects associated with it. Chronic pain affects millions of Americans. The experience of frequent pain is scary and frustrating. In addition, people who suffer from pain often have heightened anxieties about their health, periods of depressed moods and find themselves frustrated because day to day activities can seem harder and harder to accomplish.

We have found the CBT Pain Treatment Program to be very successful in helping chronic pain sufferers increase their level of functioning, reduce pain interference with their daily lives, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, and decrease their reliance on prescribed opioid analgesic pain medications. Outcome studies have also shown that the benefits of CBT pain treatment can last well beyond the treatment program itself.

What to Expect during the CBT Pain Treatment Program

The CBT Program offers a highly personalized service to individuals referred by their primary care providers. Sessions are available at two different times of the day and focus on developing self-awareness and self-efficacy relative to pain, while also teaching evidence-based strategies to reduce health-related anxieties and depressive symptoms. Participants will learn strategies of behavioral pacing, self-monitoring and relaxation training to reinforce and extend their participation in healthy activities.

Is the CBT Pain Treatment Program Right for You?

The CBT Pain Treatment Program is right for you if you can answer “yes” to the following questions:
  • Have you noticed your pain is interfering with your daily activities, perhaps causing you difficulty in achieving your personal goals, or consistently distracting you so it is hard to get anything done?
  • Do you continue to worry excessively about your health despite regular health check-ups?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping, eating, and engaging in physical activity because of frequent discomfort?
  • Are you hoping to avoid the use of medications, or reduce your reliance on pain medications to treat your pain?
If you’re interested in the CBT Pain Treatment Program and you would like more information, contact Acadia Hospital’s Access Center at 973-6100, or ask your primary care provider to complete a CBT Pain Treatment Program referral form. Click here to download the CBT Pain Treatment Program Brochure.