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Inpatient Services

Acadia Hospital inpatient psychiatric units offer a safe, caring nurturing environment that encourages patients to learn about their illnesses and take an active role in managing their lives.

Our inpatient units treat people who are suffering from acute stages of major mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, dual diagnosis, bipolar, and other conditions. Our facilities include a children’s unit, adolescent unit, two adult units and one adult short-term observation unit. Each unit is staffed by a multidisciplinary team that consists of a medical director, program manager, clinicians, occupational and recreational therapists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric technicians, and a discharge planner. Patients benefit from a therapeutic milieu that combines education; individual, family, and group therapy; medication; and team communication. Together, we strive to make each person's stay as pleasant and productive as possible.

Our treatment teams help patients find new ways of living and coping with mental illness. We also work toward educating families and friends of those affected by mental illness. Because mental illness affects each person differently, we offer focused care for each individual seeking help. Our goal is to treat the existing crisis, initiate comprehensive treatment, and return the person to life within his or her own community as soon as possible. Stays on adult units are generally shorter than those on the child/adolescent unit.